The Southampton to London pipeline project

The Southampton to London pipeline project public consultation has just been launched and runs from 21st January 2019 to 19th February 2019.

The planned route just skirts Windlesham on its journey across Chobham Common to Red Road Lightwater, so disruption will be minimal to Windlesham, however there is a plan to use the New Road compound due to be vacated by Balfour Beatty as a logistics hub. Our understanding is that Balfour Beatty will be vacating the site and it will be returned back to its former glory by June 2019. The SLP will require it from around 2020/21 and the area used will be on a smaller scale to Balfour Beatty. The same rules will apply with no large construction traffic being allowed to turn right out of the compound through the village.

There is likely to be some disruption on roads closest to the route including Red Road in Lightwater, Chobham Common being a sensitive area will also need special consideration especially the reinstatement along the route and condition of tracks and pathways after installation.

Please take the time to give your opinion as the team working on the project are very keen to hear your views.