Eli Lilly

Windlesham Field of Remembrance – If you go down to the Woods………….

Windlesham Field of Remembrance is managed and maintained by volunteers from the community

Over the last couple of years we have unfortunately lost a large number of trees in the woods to winds and the aging of the silver birch and we have been obliged to instruct a tree surgeon to fell and cut up the trees in order to ensure safety of people walking in the woods.

Due to our severely limited finances we could not afford to have these trees removed from site and this has resulted in a lot of fallen timber lying all around the wooded areas. Efforts have been made to try and clear areas but the amount of work proved to be overwhelming.

However, for the second year running Eli Lilly and their facilities contractor, Sodexo, have come to the rescue and kindly offered a team of volunteers to tidy up the ground cover in the woods.

On the 18th September a team of 17 of their staff worked extremely hard the whole day clearing large areas of the woods, cutting up the fallen trees and chipping the foliage. As a result of this great effort many areas and paths have now been cleared and the woods are now looking much more presentable.

The team also suggested the building of natural habitats utilising the larger pieces of timber that could not be chipped. As a result we now have a number of spectacular wood piles and stacks around the woods which hopefully will soon be home to the wildlife. As part of the management of the woods we are keen to encourage to establishment of these natural habitats. The team also undertook the massive task of clearing an area within the woods around which we will put up bird and bat boxes that were kindly donated by Woodcote School. It is our hope that this enclosed area could become a point for nature education

None of this work could have been undertaken without the help of the team from Eli Lilly and Sodexco and we certainly could not afford to employ someone to do this. We believe this generous commitment by Eli Lilly has saved the Charity over £2,500 and for this and all their efforts we are most thankful and grateful.


There is still a lot of work to do. If you would like to help out around the site please contact Peter Harrington on 07801 978640 or on sec.WFR@gmail.com