M3 Smart Motorway Update:

Following a meeting with Balfour Beatty below is an update on their exit plan:

Demobilisation of New Road Compound

The completion of the whole of the works for the M3 Smart Motorway Jct2 – 4a was achieved on 5th February 2018, which leads to the start of the 52 weeks defects period. This completion was achieved with some outstanding repairs to be carried out within the defects liability period.

All units and stores have been removed, except for the Main Offices and the Briefing Room. Some construction material remains in the New Road compound.

The plan is to complete the current outstanding work on the repairs & defects in the Spring / Summer 2018, when the weather is more favourable to carry out the works. The work will be managed by a Task Team using the remaining facilities at New Road Compound.  Also, during the defects repair period, the Task Team will remove any materials / debris found left by the construction works along the length of the M3 and at any associated over bridges.

Target is then after completing the defects repair works, to carry out the full demobilisation of New Road, which comprises the removal of the Main Offices & Briefing Room, removal of a large volume of material and grounds reinstatement, up to the end of Autumn 2018.