Oakwood Road footpath update.

Oakwood Road footpath update.

The latest update on the repair of Oakwood Road footpath is that SCC anticipate that they may be in a position to start works in August /September 2019.

This is obviously disappointing news based on previous updates and the length of time it has been closed but it would appear that there is now a new design, a contractor needs to be selected, together with discussions with the land owner reference access.

There is also an additional issue that a main electric cable runs very close to the wall and may need to be moved, to assist in planning we have advised that SSE are due to work in Chertsey Road to lay the new cable to Longcross so maybe SCC could agree any work required by SSE at  the same time.

SSE roadworks update


SSE have just updated their schedule of works through Windlesham, details of restrictions and road closures can be found on their site