Oakwood road footpath update

Oakwood road footpath update – Mike Goodman

This week SCC applied a further extension to the closure of this path, the order will be affective from 1st February and last for a period of six months. This is a legal process that we must go through. However we have made progress and it has been agreed that several budgets will contribute to the funding of the scheme, with the design being carried out this year and work intended to be carried out in the coming financial year. The design task has been commissioned and the scheme will be managed by the SCC Infrastructure Schemes Team. As part of the design process there will be some investigative trial holes in the footway, to establish the ground conditions and verify the locations of any utility ducts. I will keep residents informed once dates for these investigative works are known.

The defects to the wall and footpath are commonly associated with ground water. The piped watercourse that passes under Loneacre was video surveyed and has shown there to be an area of damage to the pipe. The pipe defect means that when the pipe is full (after periods of heavy rain) it will be leaking into the surrounding soil. Part of the design commissioned is to assess the best way of repairing this pipe as this must be carried out before we repair the footpath, or the water leaking from the pipe with simply undo any repairs or other works we carry out. As with all planned works, dates can slip but we will do all we can to deliver this in the coming year.

Mike Goodman

Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

Surrey County Councillor for Bagshot, Windlesham & Chobham