Community Governance Review:

Two things have happened one is the Windlesham village boundaries changed within WPC, without residents being consulted, the second is that residents have signed a petition that has been submitted and accepted by SHBC for a Community Governance Review (CGR).

A CGR is now taking place and SHBC have written to all households in WPC (Lightwater, Windlesham, Bagshot) offering 4 options. It is worth noting that ‘Option One’ is the only option that was petitioned for.

Residents petitioned for one Windlesham , currently split with North Windlesham being included with Bagshot, so in effect North Windlesham is represented by Bagshot Councillors not Windlesham. This move meant that the number of Parish councillors was halved from 6 to 3 in Windlesham, while Lightwater and Bagshot increased to 7 and 8 this is the ratio for voting. A total of 18 Councillors.

The petition requested that Windlesham becomes one again and is degrouped from Lightwater and Bagshot and has a stand-alone Parish Council as West End, Chobham and many other Parishes have successfully achieved.

Residents have until October 28th to submit their view, in the meantime SHBC do have more details on their website or visit

Please note the CGR was resident driven and is supported by the Windlesham Society.