Planning Objection Heathpark Woods



The Windlesham society wishes to object to the outline planning application to build up to 140 properties on land East of Heathpark Drive known as Heathpark Wood application number:15/0590 for the following reasons.


  • This site is a reserved housing site in the SHBC housing plan (core Strategy) and should only be considered for development if the council has no other sites available to achieve the required housing plan, which is not the case.
  • The allocated number of properties in the plan for Windlesham is 20, with the majority of these either built or planning consent approved, the reason the number is only 20 for Windlesham is in respect of its size, the road network, infrastructure in place and schools in the area, a development of 140 properties represents a 600% increase on the SHBC plan and is not feasible in such a small community.
  • 140 properties not only represents a 600% increase versus the SHBC plan it also represents around a 10% increase in the number of properties in Windlesham, which the current infrastructure and traffic problems could not cope with.
  • SHBC published housing plan shows that it will exceed the 5 year requirements and will in fact have enough properties built for the next 8 years, so this site should not be released for development