Resident’s meeting to comment upon proposals to improve Windlesham Village Centre 5/09/19

Resident’s meeting to comment upon proposals to improve Windlesham Village Centre 5/09/19


The Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan, which has now been “made” (adopted), contains the Village Rejuvenation Project. This is a proposal on how to upgrade the village centre and reduce the speed and volume of traffic, while improving the village environment, parking, pedestrian access and Safety. A large majority of the residents responding to surveys were in favour of pursuing the proposals, and this is the first stage in furthering the designs by asking residents for comment and opinions. The original plans prepared by PJA, an independent Traffic Planning Consultancy,covered the whole of the village, but because the scheme has to be developed in phases, this meeting will concentrate only on the village centre.


The plans will be on display from 6.15 pm at the Link, St John’s Church when the Consultants will be available to explain the scheme in detail. Residents will be able to write comments on post notes on or around the drawings for discussion later. The meeting will start at 7.00 pm with consultants giving a brief introduction and then answering or developing ideas to support comments made earlier. The intention is to obtain a clear understanding of Residents’ ideas, and to give the Consultants a detailed brief on how to proceed. 


The Consultants will develop the scheme in accordance with the wishes of residents, and these proposals will be considered at a further meeting in Oct/Nov 2019.

The intention is that this will be a truly resident-led development and, if agreed, we have been informed that finance is available for the first phase of the scheme.  

Sent on behalf of the Neighbourhood Plan task group.