Some Good News

Dear Resident,
Some Good News to Share:We would firstly like to thank the 500 or so Windlesham residents who took the time to express their views to SHBC in the recent consultation. That is a superb demonstration of how we, as a community, feel that change is overdue.Of the 507 letters received from Windlesham, only 7 people expressed satisfaction with the current arrangements. 481 people wrote in support of a totally independent Parish Council for Windlesham, and 19 people expressed support for Windlesham having greater representation but within a Parish Council serving all three villages.

The recommendation put to Surrey Heath Borough Council last night by Democratic Services, was to effectively side with the 7 people, by ending the review process and leaving things as they are today. Following a good degree of lobbying from ourselves and from the majority of our Parish councillors, and after much lively debate on the night, led by Councillor Victoria Wheeler, this recommendation was rejected and the Borough Councillors unanimously voted that some form of change is clearly needed.

The council subsequently agreed to continue with the next stage of the review by the formation of a working party to include representatives from the various residents’ associations, the petitioners, council officers and all affected Parish and Borough councillors. This group is to be tasked with finding a workable solution that is implementable, that reflects the wishes expressed through the consultation and which complies with the requirements of the Boundary Commission for numerical electoral equality.

We will let you have more information on this as soon as we can.

If you would like to see more of the detail, we will post up the council’s report along with letters sent to all Borough Councillors ahead of the meeting on the website.

The Windlesham Society
(Registered Charity # 286886)