What Next

What’s next?

  1. Are there any plans to beautify the front of the old florist shop which is a total blot on the village centre?
  2. Can anything be done about the empty flower shop? It is an eyesore to the village.
  3. A speed limit and cameras and or bumps on Woodlands Lane. Always 18 mph
  4. What’s happening about the old flower shop – appearance of centre of village (officially closed )
  5. We need decent shop in centre of village. Not Butcher. What’s to be done with old flower shop
  6. What the chances are of yellow no parking signs opposite Longbrook Court in Thorndown Lane? Parking is no go.
  7. More speed control through our village. Cameras? Speed bumps?
  8. Is there going to be any advice on how to use the defibrillator? A clinic would be good
  9. 20mph speed limited through the village
  10. Flower Shop. An absolute eyesore. Can anything be done to tidy up the front?
  11. The old flower shop – get them to paint it; looks dreadful in the village.
  12. Too many motorists parking on our pavements and grass verges.
  13. Phone Box AED., First aid Trainer, would donate time to train there in safe use of AED.
  14. Repairing uneven pavements
  15. 30mph for the whole of Church Road – not 40mph section by busy church and pub
  16. 20mph limit thru Windlesham
  17. More central car parking
  18. Protection of green Belt for our wild life who are already struggling to find food and shelter
  19. What is to happen with the old Flower Shop in the village? It looks a disgrace
  20. Can anything be fine to improve the appearance of the village shops? At present they give a very poor impression and several fail to fill the needs of residents especially those who do not drive
  21. Parking enforcement. Too much parking on pavements restricting access for pedestrians and disabilities
  22. Beach Area and Heated Spa Pools
  23. Pruning of hedgerows should be required to cut back where they impinge on the pavement eg Church Road. Where the pavement in now only 1 foot wide due to the hedge.