Windlesham Matters update

Windlesham Matters Meeting 21st September 2019 – Actions:

  • Litter pick being organised by Helen, Mark Gordon has offered to lend us the litter pick equipment and will help round up some volunteers. Routes and collection points to be drawn up and confirmed by Helen. Jenny Creamer volunteered to help on the day some roads were identified as Hatton Hill, Westwood Road, Broadway Road others will be identified prior to the pick. HHH to speak with Charlie Wooldridge and Kevin Lloyd Bisley for disposing of the litter. Dates to be agreed by
  • Chertsey road hall – Now “Under Offer” opportunity not progressed by WPC to register as a ‘Community Asset’
  • Path clearing – kennel lane and church. Thanks, to Valerie White for persevering and getting the hedge cut, the current status is that the hedge cuttings from the adjoining property are being classed as a ‘Fly Tip’ and quotes to clear are in progress. Valerie to confirm when done.
  • Oakwood/Chertsey road path – Graham chased Highways for a response and they have confirmed that they have identified asbestos at the site which will both increase the budget and delay the start date to the early part of next year.
  • Pat Lewis – chicane on kennel lane, Mike Goodman keeps mentioning a survey was done, but no one has seen it. Mike has respondedThe chicanes are not unsafe, and the independent audit confirmed this. SCC have asked for the most up to date speeds and this will be completed this year, although I understand some people may not agree they have proven to slow traffic down” The meeting response was where was the evidence that has proven they have slowed traffic down?Action Mike to provide evidence of a reduction.
  • Request for mini roundabout at pound lane/Updown hill and box junction on Thorndown lane with Church Rd to allow cars to turn right easily. Action Mike Goodman to include in his village project. Mike has said “Residents can suggest a roundabout at this junction but realistically funding will be a challenge”
  • Land North of Heathpark wood – communication made to Jenny Rickard re concerns of trees being prematurely felled but no response received Action Valerie White No update provided so 2nd action request please.
  • Heathpark Drive 20mph speed limit, needs to be implemented t the same time as Chertsey Road if it goes ahead to avoid more traffic rat running down HPD Action Mike Goodman Mike has responded “I have said this will be included within the overall project but will be subjected to funds being available, I am keen to deliver this project and have been looking at ways to achieve this.”
  • Petition for zebra crossings over 440 people signed the petition and it has been submitted to SCC for discussion on the 3rd
  • There is concern about the centre of the village project as this was supposed to be a resident driven project, but no residents are now on the task group as they have all walked away from it. Graham will table a question at the next council meeting to raise the concerns. Action GB The meeting agreed that there needed to be a holistic approach with Mark Gordon stating that he felt that PJA misrepresented the village and it was sold to him as a 3 phase project central village – approach roads – A322 which if true is somewhat the wrong way round as if you start from the outside impacts will then determine requirements for the centre. Full consultation is required with all residents before any decisions are made. Action Mike Goodman
  • Parish funding relating to Windlesham in 2017 amounted to £94000 spent on Highway initiatives with no evidence of improvements. Action Valerie White as Chairman to clarify.
  • Council compensation for SSE, it has been fought for and won in RBWM- we need the same.  Businesses were unable to attend consultation with SSE as the times were when they had to run their businesses – SSE blaming SCC and MG blaming SSE for the short notice. Valerie to enquire about a meeting MG had said he would organise for businesses at times they could attend. Action Valerie White No update so 2nd request please.
  • Swift lane – CRC review being undertaken so new charges are on hold. Action Mike Goodman. Mike responded that the subject will be discussed at SSC full council in October and he is confident Bagshot will stay open.
  • Gateways – parish paid for the Gateways and now SSE have damaged the surface – putting black tarmac over the red. SCC will need to instruct the contractors to rectify Action Mike Goodman Mike has confirmed repair is agreed.
  • Matthews corner planning application: Several people had concerns regarding this application as it was in the conservation area and did not conform to the recently voted in Neighbourhood Plan. Action Anyone concerned should submit their view to SHBC Planning.  Update:
  • Chertsey road build out, school lane -developer has paid SCC but not yet done. Despite action taken by Conrad Sturt and Barry Stacey a year ago SCC have insisted on the build out. The developer cannot complete a sale on the property until SCC do the work. Action Mike Goodman to respond with reason for delay as one sale has already fallen through. Mike has said it is down to the developer but has heard it will be done in October.
  • Mill Lane Pond – Who owns it and who is responsible for clearing/maintaining it as it’s a mess. It maybe from previous investigation joint responsibility, Helen to raise with the Clerk.
  • Hedge outside the church needs cutting, priority before Remembrance Day, SCC responsibility Pat and Victoria to raise with Borough.
  • Grass and verge cutting, SCC have no money so what are the Service Level Agreements with contractors? Victoria to ask for details and programme of works.
  • SSE Cabling what is the scheduling of works? Action: Mike Goodman to identify and publish.
  • Tree by Cricketers Lane needs attention Barry Stacey asked to action as previous involvement Action Barry Stacey.
  • Victoria, Pat and Emma are happy to have one to one surgeries either on a regular basis or on request, just get in touch with them, also a newsletter is being developed and will be delivered Sam Kay as a fellow Borough Councillor happy to add input.

Please note only actions have been included and therefore general discussions without agreed actions are not included.

  • Future meetings every 2 months 10-12 on a Saturday the first agenda point will be the follow up from the previous meeting. Actions will be published on the Windlesham Society website following each meeting.