Windlesham Pram Race on Boxing Day 2019

The planning for this year’s Windlesham Pram Race is coming together, now we need runners to register, marshals to volunteer and spectators to support the event. The race is run each year with the sole purpose of raising money for a wide variety of deserving causes in the local community. After retaining sufficient funds to prepare for this year’s race the trustees distributed over £9,000 to a wide range of local organisations earlier this year.


The race starts at Kamkorp Park, Chertsey Road at 10:30am. As safety is our primary concern, once again several roads in the centre of the village will be closed for a time on Boxing Day to allow racers and spectators to participate safely, details are on the website. The Police and Council have insisted that road closures are firmly observed. Every effort will be made, if it is safe, to open the roads as early as possible after the race has passed.

Pram Racers

For those running in the race it is time to organise your team, design and build your pram and make/buy your costumes. Arrangements for this year’s race are close to completion and registration is open. All the details you will need to enter and the rules for race day are available online at


Important information for those entering. This is a family event and not a drinking competition, so NO alcohol can be carried in prams, either at the start or during the race. We urge ALL racers to enjoy running the race and drink responsibly so that everyone else can enjoy the day too. Please arrange to take your pram home and dispose of it safely as there will be no facilities for prams to be left at the end of the race.

Volunteer Marshalls Required

To make a community fund raising event like the Pram Race a success we need help to deliver the event safely on Boxing Day. Once again, we need a number of marshals to work with our professional stewards. If you feel able to assist for a couple of hours on the day, or for any queries, please e-mail the Chief Marshall on or phone him on 07778 725269. You can check out the details on the website

The organisers, licensees and the police have agreed that ALL the pubs, the Club and off licences in Windlesham will stop serving at 15:30 on Pram Race day. Our aim is to encourage the crowd of spectators that remain after the race has finished, and the roads are opened, to disperse quickly.