Windlesham Traffic Group –

Result of Traffic survey carried in the Spring 2020

Windlesham Traffic Group is made up of a few residents who prepared the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan.   

The Survey was arranged as a result of Proposals made at a focus group held in March 2020. Residents were asked via public notices and articles in the Parish magazine to volunteer for a focus group which resulted in (?)6,7, 8 people attending the meeting. Subsequently, and as a result of this meeting the survey was announced, posters made available in local shops, other posters with pull off tabs were fixed to many of the telegraph poles and lamp posts in the village, and many residents were informed personally by email giving the information where details of the survey could be found. 239 (approximately 13%) households responded.

Sadly, only one hundred of the returns have been fully analysed on Survey Monkey and the cost of this has been born by members of the group. We believe that this result shown below is a true reflection of the whole survey, but if Councillors wish, a full analysis of the survey can be made available at a charge of just under £1,000 through Survey Monkey.

The data reveals the following:

Question 1: Please enter your full postcode below.

– This was to check that all respondents did provide a Windlesham postcode. They were.

Question 2: The focus group concluded that it is preferable to encourage traffic to keep to a slower, more consistent speed throughout the village, rather than to introduce obstructions to flow that will cause traffic to be stationary with engines running at multiple points around the village, just to speed up again once it has passed the obstruction(s). Do you agree with this principle?

– 93% Yes, 7% No

Question 3: In order to achieve a consistent, slower speed throughout the village, it was proposed that a system of cameras could be installed at all entry/exit points to the village to record and timestamp number plates as they start and finish their journeys through Windlesham. Any vehicle that exceeds the average speed limit, calculated over the shortest route that the vehicle could have used between its entry and exit point, would then be issued with a Penalty Notice. Do you agree that such a system should be investigated and pursued should funds become available to do so?

– 70% Yes, 30% No

Question 4: Do you think that our village should have a single speed limit applying to all roads through it?

– Yes 89%, No 11%

Question 5: If you answered ‘Yes’ to question 3, what speed limit do you think should be applied throughout our village?

– 20mph 56%, 30mph 44%, 40mph 0%, 50mph 0%

Question 6: The focus group agreed that the village should have a comprehensive, independent traffic survey performed, during a ‘normal’ traffic period that excludes school holidays, etc. This would allow us to quantify the number of cars that use our village and identify the key entry/exit points where any road treatments might have the greatest impact. Do you agree that we should have such a survey performed, assuming funds become available to do so?

– Yes 96%, No 4%

Question 7: The focus group agreed that they would like to see the whole village ‘decluttered’ so that it looks like a village again, and therefore discourages drivers from feeling entitled to their space on the road. This would include removal of traffic furniture, signage and painted lines on the road surfaces, while visual narrowing would be introduced to further encourage slower speeds. Visit for example images. Do you agree with this principle?

– Yes 65%, No 35%

Question 8: The focus group agreed that the chicanes that were installed on School Road have been put in the wrong place and are ineffective in reducing speeds or through-traffic. They suggested that they should be removed from their current location and replaced outside the school itself. Do you agree?

– Remove altogether 37%, Remove and replace outside the school 51%, Remain where they are 12%

Question 9: The focus group suggested that a large roundabout (not just a mini roundabout) should be introduced at the junction of Church Road, Thorndown Lane and Broadway Road. This would force traffic coming from Lightwater to give way to traffic turning right from Thorndown Lane into Church Road and thereby ease queuing for traffic turning out of Church Road. Do you agree with this suggestion?

– Yes 77%, No 23%

Question 10: If funds were to become available, would you support the community purchase of land in the village centre for use as short-term shopper car parking?

  • Yes 84%, No 16%